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Happy 85th Anniversary to First Financial

It's our 85th Anniversary this year, but you get the gifts! Keep checking this webpage for 2021 Anniversary contests, promotions, and events.

Social Media Historical Trivia Contest

February - December 2021

What better way to celebrate than to test our members' knowledge of our credit union history with monthly prizes?! Each month, we will be posting a trivia question about the history of First Financial on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (follow us @FirstFinancialNJ on Facebook and Instagram, and @NJBanking on Twitter). We will collect correct answers in the form of comments received by 11:59pm on the last day of each month - from combined Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram participants under the posted contest photo. We will then place the correct responses into a drawing to award one lucky member a Visa Gift Card. Gift Card prize amounts will vary based on question difficulty, but will range from $25 to $85.


Winning members can choose to have the Gift Card mailed to their home address or pick it up in their nearest branch drive thru while branch lobbies remain closed.


Participants should use the hashtag #FFFCUthrowback85 within their entry comments.


View the contest terms and conditions here.


February 2021 Question: For a $25 Visa Gift Card, In what year was this “Future Credit Union Home” construction sign displayed? 

Answer: 1936. Congratulations to our February winner from Facebook, Michael D.!


March 2021 Question: For a $25 Visa Gift Card, In what city/town did our initial Credit Union groundbreaking ceremony take place?


Answer: Asbury Park, NJ. Congratulations to our March winner from Facebook, Linda W.!


April 2021 Question: For a $25 Visa Gift Card, In this photo, there are 2 Tellers from our original Asbury Park Branch. How much did a Teller make back in 1936 at the minimum wage rate?



Answer: $0.25 an hour. Congratulations to our April winner from Instagram, Tanita E.!


May 2021 Question: For a $25 Visa Gift Card, Is the Founder of the Credit Union featured in this photo? If so, where is he or she located in the picture and what was his or her name? 



Answer: Yes, Harold "Pop" Shannon is located on the far right end. Congratulations to our May winner from Facebook, Kerry D.!


June 2021 Question: For a $25 Visa Gift Card, Prior to opening our first Credit Union Branch in Asbury Park where you see the tellers pictured here, how and where did the Credit Union first operate and who were our first members?



Answer: Out of the trunk of Pop Shannon's car, and school teachers in Asbury Park were our first members. No winner this month.


July 2021 Question: For a $50 Visa Gift Card, What Credit Union product/service is being advertised in this retro marketing promotion poster featured in a branch?