Save Your Change Program

Save Your Change Program - Auto Save your change when every penny counts logo

Why Save Your Change?

1) It makes managing your Checking Account a little easier with rounded transactions.
2) It will help you save effortlessly.
3) It gives you an opportunity for a 10% match on your savings.

How does the program work?

  • You'll make purchases using your First Financial Debit Card and they'll be rounded to the nearest dollar.
  • The difference between your purchase amount and the nearest dollar (the "change") is transferred into a designated account the same day the transaction posts to your account.
  • The "change" that accumulates in your designated account is saved for when you are ready to purchase a vehicle.
When every penny counts, First Financial is here to help. With our Save Your Change Auto Savings Program, we'll help to add more to your bottom line when you enjoy the conveniences of a Checking Account and Debit Card. Ready to take advantage of Checking that pays you back? Call us at 732.312.1500 or stop by a First Financial branch to get started today.

Save Your Change Questions Answered:

Q: I used my Debit Card today to make a purchase, but I didn't see the round up or transaction hit my account?
A: It could take a few days for Debit Card transactions to post to an account. The round up will occur the night the transactions post to your account.

Q: Can I transfer money back to my Checking Account?
A: This account is a restricted account set up to help members save for a vehicle, not to transfer back and forth between this account and Checking Accounts. You will need to visit a branch in order to have the money transferred back.

Q: The round up was quite large - is that right?
A: One lump sum is posted to your account each night to include all Debit Card purchases for that day.

Q: Does the account pay dividends or charge any fees?
A: While there are no fees associated with this account, it does not pay dividends.