Board of Directors & Supervisory Committee

Unlike huge banking conglomerates, the policy setting and overall strategic direction of First Financial are overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors. They're members of the Credit Union, elected from the general membership to represent your interests.

First Financial Federal Credit Union board of directors and supervisory committee
Left to Right: Elizabeth White, Catherine McLaughlin, Laurita Carr, Gordon Holder, Issa Stephan, David Graf, Earl Sutton Jr., and Karen Fiore

Board of Directors
  • Gordon Holder, Chairperson
  • Earl Sutton, Jr., Vice Chairperson
  • David Graf, Secretary & Treasurer
  • Elizabeth M. White
  • Laurita Carr
  • Catherine McLaughlin
  • Karen Fiore
Supervisory Committee
  • Karen Fiore, Committee Chairperson
  • Ronald Minsky
  • Elna Montgomery
  • Caryl Singer
  • Mitch Thaler
*First Financial's Supervisory Committee has the responsibility to investigate member complaints that cannot be resolved through normal channels. If you have a complaint or suggestion to improve our service to you or if you have an unresolved problem, please write to: Supervisory Committee, PO Box 751, Neptune NJ 07754.

Leadership Team
  • Issa E. Stephan, CCUE, President and Chief Executive Officer
  • Terriann Warn, NCRM, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Nancy Culp, Vice President and Chief Lending Officer
  • Jessica Tortorice, Vice President, Marketing & Business Development