Foreign Currency Exchange

Planning to travel outside of the United States? We offer Foreign Currency Exchange!

Foreign currency exchange allows you to exchange our currency for another country's currency when planning to travel abroad.*

What else do you need to know?
  • You can have the currency delivered to your home or a First Financial branch Monday through Friday.
  • Residential deliveries require a signature.
  • All currency is subject to availability.
  • Paper currency only - no coins.
  • Purchases can take place on Saturday & Sunday, but the approval will not be processed until the next business day.

Questions? Give us a call at 732.312.1500, email, or stop into any branch to learn more about foreign currency exchange today!

*You may purchase Currency Price Protection (CPP) for an additional $10.00 in order to protect the purchase rate of transaction. The protected dollar amount may vary based on selection of currency. There is also a purchase/shipping cost for $14.50 per transaction.