Notary and Signature Guarantee Services

Notary and Signature Guarantee Services

Notary Services

A notary can attest legal and other documents (for example: deeds, affidavits, and so forth). This service is available at no cost to our members at each of our branches during business hours.

Signature Guarantee Services

STAMP is the medallion signature guarantee program that is required by all transfer agents before a security can be sold or otherwise transferred. This service is available at all First Financial branches to credit union members only, for a fee of $15.00.

Certified & Cashier's Check Services

Members may stop into their local branch during business hours, and request a certified check for a fee of $10. This means the credit union has stamped the member's check as certified, and guaranteed the funds of the check. We also offer cashier's checks for our members, where the funds are drawn from the member's account at the time the check is given to the member. The fees for a cashier's check vary, based on your Rewards First Tier. To view the tier level chart, click here.

For more information about these services, contact us at 732.312.1500.